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Hello guys, welcome to my blog Hotmail Login is the first electronic mail service on internet. Hotmail is now As many of the users getting confused while creating a new account, we are going to guide you how to Create account for free. Sign Up & Login Guide Sign Up & Login Guide

account / hotmail sign up & login. Follow the below procedure to get a new hotmail account. Sign Up & Login Guide

Hotmail outlook

Hotmail outlook


I am sure that many cannot ignore the title. How can they forget their one and only webmail service “” available during that budding era of internet! Many might have been thinking that why am I reminding of this old mail service as it could be seen nowhere now. Relax guys before you start confusing yourselves with lots of questions, I will assure you to explain everything you need to know in the form of this article. So continuing this article will help you to understand a lot of things like the brief history of Hotmail, what happened to it later, how can you create or get access to your old Hotmail account, etc. Those who are completely unaware of Hotmail needs not worry, as everything is explained from the basics. provided the first electronic mail service to the world in mid 90’s and became instantly popular. It was the only leading or the only mail service provider at that time officially. But things changed when Microsoft took over “Hotmail” and renamed it as “MSN Hotmail” and “Windows Live Hotmail” but we cannot here these terms as Microsoft created “Outlook” which is an official upgraded version of Hotmail. After the introduction of Gmail, nobody looked back at Hotmail for the same features they could use in Gmail. But there are still many things which “Hotmail” alias our very “” can provide now. So let’s get to know all of such features and I will guide you how to access your old Hotmail accounts and create new accounts.

Features of or

Now that you have interested in knowing about or our upgraded Outlook, you have to know every unique and essential feature provided by Outlook to absorb all kind of uses through it. Let’s move into the features quickly without any delay.

  • is now a personal information manager that offers webmail, contacts, tasks and calendaring services.
  • Hotmail enables keyboard controls to navigate all over the page so that you don’t have to use mouse all the time.
  • It has query syntax.
  • Outlook doesn’t scan information so you can add ads and private data freely.
  • It has a time management feature called “Calendar” added to it.
  • The contact’s management service helps you to get access to people and their information.
  • It has wonderful task manager.
  • Also associates with Microsoft Office online so that you can view and edit all of your word, Power Point and Excel documents.
  • Quick views and filters that work in one click.

These are the special features provided by outlook which make it desired even now apart from the most promising mail services available in the market. If you feel like having any of these additional benefits to manage your huge data and contacts especially then having an Outlook account is highly recommended.

Hotmail Sign up / Create Account

Now here is the real information for the readers, who are here to learn about how to start their new Hotmail accounts. Unfortunately, the term “Hotmail” is completely vanished now, so new users can create an “” account which is nothing but an updated and whole new version of our Hotmail. So without doing more delay, let’s get into the process for creating the Outlook account.

Steps to create an Outlook account ( sign up)

  • Search for
  • You will find an option called “Create free account”.
  • Click on it.
  • Now you are asked to create the account with an email name as you choose it to be with domain
  • It asks you to create a password.
  • Now you have to add your details like name, birth date, country, etc.
  • Now Outlook wants you to add your phone number for security reasons and also verifies it simultaneously.
  • Your Outlook account is created now. Hence, account creation is explained

In the above steps, I have tried to explain everything that is needed to Create your Outlook account & I am going to tell the same process briefly for a quick summary read and to add any minute details in case I missed it earlier. The whole process simply begins with a Google search that is which is the official site of Outlook in order to create or use your account. When you reach there you can look at two options that are “Create account” and “Sign in”.

You must click on ‘Create account’ without any second thought, as Sign up is for those guys who already have an outlook account and in a special case, which I am gonna explain later. So once you chose to create account you have to select and enter every detail that it takes to create a fresh account like email name, password, name, country, birthdate, phone number, etc. and these simple steps takes you closer to final step where you get done with opening an fresh Outlook account to use all those facilities which you desired all these days or at least now after reading this article.

Hotmail Login / Outlook Login

As I said, many Hotmail users have felt nostalgia earlier after reading the name “Hotmail” and many of them might be wondering how to enter into their old Hotmail accounts which seems to be impossible now. But no worries, as I told you that you can use that “Sign in” ( Login) option in another special case which is nothing but to re-access your old Hotmail accounts.

So all you have to do is to enter  which is the official remake of your favourite Hotmail now. You have to choose ‘Sign In’ option and enter your old details to Log In to your old accounts and enjoy the brand new features. This is how you can login hotmail account. Login Issues 

Many of the users who often uses hotmail or email accounts, has the highest chance to forgot the username or password. These are the main troubles faced by most of the users. As we are going to write about Hotmail Account recovery in the next article in our blog i’m not going to explain it further. You can refer to this Article Hotmail Login issues – account recovery for rest to know.


Who ever created Outlook accounts simultaneously while reading the article might have been surprised with their new themes and patterns by now.! . Outlook organises everything properly all you have to do is to enter or give access to the details which you want to set up in your account like contacts, schedules, etc. Also it’s amazing security and privacy features will thrill the users. They tend to prefer Outlook over every other substitute in future. So I guess I have helped you with many queries and confusions regarding to Hotmail or Outlook. If you have any further doubts then feel free to comment down below. Thank you J and do share this article among friends and family.

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